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About Us

About us

At Shubham Bricks our aim is to create a Fly ash brick product creates a brand on its own and known for quality. Based out of vizag, Shubham bricks is a leading supplier of quality fly ash Bricks in the market. The very idea of coming up with a Flyash brick plant came from the intention of creating something useful for the future generations. Any construction is done considering that it would last a few decades and no construction is complete without a brick and it takes a lot to gain peoples confidence to use our product. With more people using our eco-friendly bricks we  take more care in manufacturing them. Shubham Bricks in Vizag has earned a name for itself because of the relationship we have in the market backed with strong quality Fly ash Bricks. The quality protocols that we have in place are one of the key reasons for us to maintain this quality. 

  • We aim to produce highest quality premium Fly Ash bricks in vizag that are loved by the clientale
  • We aim to create a positive brand in the fly ash bricks industry
  • We aim to be remembered for generations because of the quality fly ash bricks we produce
best fly ash bricks in Vizag Shubham bricks

What We Do

We follow a robost procedure to make sure that the bricks we sell are best of the industry standards.

Raw materials

A beautiful product comes from its raw-materials we handpick all our materials that goes into out bricks.

German Technology

We have adapted the most advanced technology to bring in more strength to our bricks

Qualified People

We understand experience and expertise so we have deployed civil engineers to work in our plant

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