Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

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The power industries burl coal in-order to generate electricity and the waste product obtained from that process is called Fly ash. It is an industrial waste product.

Bricks are made of different components. people usually called a Fly ash brick as cement or concrete brick because if the component of fly ash is not mixed with cement then it will become a very expensive product to sell

The cost of brick is not same everywhere because it depends upon various factors like the raw material cost, the rate of proportion of these materials, the kind of machine utilised, the plant and the selling locations and manpower costs etc.,

Yes, unlike red brick the fly ash brick is very environmental friendly because fly ash is hazardous material if left utilised because it contaminates water and air so when it is utilised it is consumed and can also help strengthen the construction

Red brick is not at all environment friendly simply because it caused soil erosion and burning the brick at around 1000 degrees Celsius for long periods creates lot of environmental pollution. 

Red bricks were used in the older times because there were no alternatives present however today with the rise in usage of Fly ash people prefer using fly ash bricks because of its strength, durability and Eco-friendliness.

We have our plant in Anandapuram and we supply high quality brick throughout vizag.

There are many manual ways to test a brick, the best way to do it is on a brick testing machine because it clearly gives you the compression strength. At Shubham bricks we have a brick testing machine and all our bricks go through a quality testing process.

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We have made sure that all the bricks go through a vigorous quality testing process. Just to be sure you’re getting the best!

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