Red Bricks Vs Flyash/Cement Bricks

red bricks are bad

What are Red Bricks

Red bricks are the time tested and proven building material that is used in construction for ages. They are made of silica which is also called as sand, alumina also called as clay, lime iron oxide, water and also magnesia. However, in many places people use whatever is available including elephant droppings. The mixture clay needs to be burnt at around 1000 degrees Celsius so that the brick obtains the required strength. Though this process brings in the required strength, it has taken a toll on the environment. 

What are Cement Bricks/Flyash Bricks

Fly ash bricks are different from cement blocks but locals usually called a Fly ash block to be Cement Block. Let us talk about the award winning Fly ash bricks today. We produce different sizes of fly ash bricks and with highest ever quality.

Fly ash bricks are a new revelation to the history of bricks. They have immense strength and have easily replaces the regular red bricks because of its properties. They are made of Fly ash, cement, lime, sand, stonechips, gypsum depending on the availability. In this the water is only used for the mixture and curing. The fly ash bricks have a better bricks density and is usually 1700-1850 Kg/m3  and its compressive strength is around 90-100Kg/cm2. Fly ash bricks are idea bricks for any construction and are widely used in the construction industry today. We are Shubham Bricks a leading manufacturer and supplier of Fly Ash Bricks in vizag.

best fly ash bricks in Vizag Shubham bricks
Red Brick

Red Bricks/clay bricks

  • Red bricks are handmade so there might be slight difference in their shape and size
  • Red Bricks needs plastering
  • They are heavier in weight due to their raw materials
  • Damages Natural Resources
  • Made of clay removed from fertile lan's top soil
  • Absorbs more heat and water
  • Requires more mortar and man hours during construction
  • Pollutes the environment
  • Has higher decay rate
  • Upto 10% wastage during transit
  • Red Bricks have very low tolerance towards Dimensional stability
  • Red bricks have a compressive strength of around 30-35 Kg/cm2
  • Red bricks have a density of around 1600-1750 Kg/m3
Flyash Brick

fly ash bricks usually called concrete/cement bricks

  • Concrete bricks are made in moulds hence the texture and shape are always uniform
  • Concrete bricks do not require plastering
  • The concrete brick is lighter in weight
  • Saves the environment by utilising Fly ash
  • Made of Fly ash which is hazardous industrial waste
  • Absorbs less heat and water
  • Requires less mortar and reduces man hours
  • Saves the Environment
  • Has lesser decay rate
  • Upto 2% wastage during transit
  • List ItemHas high tolerance towards dimensional stability and saves around 25% mortar
  • Cement bricks have a compressibe strength around 90-100 Kg/cm2
  • Cement bricks have a density of around 1700*1850 Kg/m3

Looking for Premium Flyash Bricks?

We have made sure that all the bricks go through a vigorous quality testing process. Just to be sure you’re getting the best!

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