History of Bricks

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Where did Brick come From

A brick is a rectangular in shape and red in color. Once it is used there is no requirement of any maintenance which means that it is long lasting product. So the question now is when was this first used?

Did Adam have a wall? if yes then he must be the first brickie. Many people say that bricks came into picture when Arabs started using them and the example for that is the great Iranian Shibel Tower which was constructed in the 12th century. Greeks have used bricks and romans clearly used bricks in all their buildings. The strongest brick in the worlds was apparently found in a small village called Accrington in Lancashire and these bricks were even exported to the United States of America for the foundations of empire state building. 

Indians have used bricks even from the age of Indus valley civilisation. Mohenjadaro also have consumed many baked bricks which were later decomposed and left as holes. 

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Interesting Brick Facts

There are many facts that people do not know about bricks. We have tried to put a few for your reading

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