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Shubham Bricks in Vizag is a Fly Ash/Cement Bricks manufacturing unit which is known for producing best quality bricks. The main reason why we have been consistently successful in producing high quality Fly ash bricks is because of the handpicked raw materials that we procure from many parts of the city. Our engineers handpick and test the Fly Ash and other raw materials before sending it to production which means that we run our quality checks even before we start production. Another reason for maintaining quality is our standards of operating procedures which we follow without fail. At every stage of production we at Shubham Bricks check the output in terms of strength and durability to make sure that the best Fly Ash Bricks are in the making and if the mixture fails the audit then we scrap and redo the exercise. We also take great pride in declaring that Shubham Bricks has one of the best and qualified staff because everyone is qualified and thoroughly trained to understand that we are determined to produce Fly ash bricks that stays for generations.
If you are looking for Best Fly ash/Cement Bricks in Visakhapatnam then welcome to Shubham Bricks.
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German Technology

We have adapted the proven german technology and logics into making Flay ash bricks

Eco Friendly Bricks

The brick is a combination of many materials and one of it is the Fly ash which is an environmental hazard

Qualified People

We have employed qualified engineers on site to ensure that the final product is worth buying

Looking for Premium Flyash Bricks?

We have made sure that all the bricks go through a vigorous quality testing process. Just to be sure you’re getting the best!

  • We love what we do
  • We are an uncompromising focused team
  • We learn and implement from feedback
  • We can't wait for you to experience us
  • Better thermal insulation which helps reduce electricty consumption
  • Uniform in shape and smooth in finish
  • Compressive strength of around 100 Kg/cm2
  • Thermal conductivity of around 0.90-1.05 W/m2 degrees celcius
  • Less than 15% of water absorbtion
  • Consumes less mortar during construction

Best Raw Material

We take great care in procuring the right materials that goes into our bricks

State of the art Machinery

Unlike many providers we use a fully automatic machinery with great compression

German Technology

We are one among the first to adapt to the technological advancements 

Brick Testing Machine

We have deployed a brick testing machine at our plant and you can test any brick free of cost

Your premium Flyash bricks are here!

We have made sure that all the bricks go through a vigorous quality testing process. Just to be sure you’re getting the best!

Testimonial Grid

It takes a lot to make people use your product and if there comes an appreciation then you have done your job correctly. 

Our customers are our brand ambassadors

"I am a doctor and i have utilized Shubham Flyash Bricks for my hospital construction. The quality was top class and the delivery was always on time evenwithout any followups.

Dr. David Vasudeva

"We ordered bricks from Shubham and they have supplied everything at low cost as promised and without delays. They are the Best Fly ash Bricks suppliers in Visakhapatnam.

Eswara Rao
Govt employee

"It was our first construction and I had too many questions and all my questions were explained with a lot of patience everytime. 5 stars to the customer care team and their Flyash bricks.

Krishna Prasad
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